Marine Mammal Care Center
Los Angeles


Husbandry Shift Leader – 2 F/T Position Available

Summary and Purpose

From January to August, it is common for numerous sick and injured seals and sea lions to arrive at MMCC LA in need of treatment. A substantial percentage of rehabilitation service provided to these mammals falls under feeding and housing animals, or “Husbandry,” with the goal of preparing seals and sea lions for release.

One Husbandry Services Manager, several Shift Leaders, and many Volunteers provide all levels of care starting with basic services consisting of laundry, records, food preparation, cleaning, mass feeding, up to more skilled services such as boarding, restraining, tube feeding, hand-assist feeding, animal placement.

Two Husbandry Shift Leaders are sought to assist the Husbandry Service Manager by performing and leading husbandry duties and some veterinary-related services (as authorized by the attending Veterinarian).

For some shifts, the Husbandry Services Manager will also be on-site.

The goal is to have the Manager and/or Shift Leaders on-site 7 days per week.

From September to December, Husbandry Services are still needed every day, regardless the number of patients in our care. However, fewer Volunteers are scheduled during this timeframe.

Job Responsibilities

  • Day-to-day husbandry team task assignment under direction of the instruction of the Husbandry Service Manager and Veterinarian.
  • Assist in training new Volunteers at all levels, including skilled feeding and restraining
  • Assist with supervising Volunteers and Interns
  • Help maintain and monitor the daily water filtration system.
  • Communicate husbandry services as follows:
    • Training needs to the Husbandry Services Manager
    • Personnel/scheduling needs to the Husbandry Scheduler.
    • Facility resource and fish needs to the Husbandry Services Manager/Executive Director or Development Manager for Animal Care Quality
  • Teach policy/procedures with Husbandry Services Manager and other Shift Leaders
  • Attend regular husbandry staff meetings

Preferred Education and Experience Requirements

  • 3 years hands-on marine mammal care;
  • 2 years hands-on interfacing with paid and volunteer staff, and the public,
  • Familiarity with maintenance needs and procedures for a rehabilitation facility
  • Familiarity with pinniped rehabilitation procedures, techniques, and safety protocols
  • Hands-on experience with: seal and sea lion handling and restraint, food preparation, and administration of treatment

Working Conditions

  • Mostly outdoors, on the ground, requiring bending, stooping, squatting, lifting and carrying animals in hot, wet, dry, and inclement weather
  • Surfaces may be slippery
  • Wearing of personal protective gear required
  • Physically demanding, as many animals are quite large
  • Weekend, early morning, and evening work may be required
  • Emergency cases and changes in planned shifts may require flexibility in scheduling
  • Sick and injured animals are unpredictable; serious injury and exposure to zoonotic diseases are an inherent risk
  • Position is in San Pedro, California, near the Los Angeles harbor


  • F/T Position: 40 hours per week, Likely 4 days at 10 hours each
  • Salary: Discussed during/after interview
  • Health insurance: Available through a staffing agency that provides employment and benefits services
  • Housing or Relocation Costs: Not provided

Interview and Selection Process

  • Submit a resume, two letters of recommendation, a cover letter and contact information to
  • Interviews will be conducted until both positions are filled
  • Background check is required
  • Employment contract: “At-will”, through a staffing agency

MMCC Los Angeles is an equal opportunity employer