The Port of Los Angeles– Thank you to The Port of Los Angeles for supporting us with a grant directed towards blood testing of injured and sick marine mammals from Los Angeles County, including the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro Bay. Blood diagnostics are an indispensable component of our veterinary operation to provide targeted care and baseline health assessments of the marine mammal population in and around San Pedro Bay.⁠

Ebay Mission Fish

EbayMissionFish – If you are auctioning an item, when you get to the “Choose a format and price” form, select “Or, select another nonprofit you love” and type in “MMCC LA” under Search by Keyword and select us as your online charity. Get more info here!

AmazonSmile-.5% of eligible purchases will be donated to MMCC LA. Instead of logging in through amazon.com when making a purchase, go to http://smile.amazon.com. On your first visit, it will prompt you to select a charity. Under “Or pick your own charitable organization:” please type in MMCC LA and then search. Select “Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles.”

Cheers for Charity

Cheers for Charity– Cheers for Charity is an offering a $19.99 bottle of MMCC Chardonnay. The label pictured below will appear on each bottle, and $5 of every bottle sold will be donated to MMCC for their operating costs. For more information, please visit http://www.cheersforcharities.com/#!marine-mammal-care-center/c1tsr.

Kind Traveler

Kind Traveler – Travelers ‘give’ a $10 nightly donation to a local charity that positively impacts the neighborhood they are traveling to, or to a favorite charity on the platform. As reward for donating, travelers unlock an exclusive hotel offer to book directly with curated hotels and unique properties. 100% of donations are given to charities. Learn more and book your trip here: https://www.kindtraveler.com/content/marine-mammal-care-center


Marine Mammal Care Center
3601 South Gaffey Street #8
San Pedro, California 90731


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