Your foundation or business can associate its name with a vital mission of Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles, while helping to cover the cost of medical rehabilitation and housing for rescued seals and California sea lions. Please donate now for your preferred sponsorship.  We promote your generous sponsorship on social media and at our hospital and education facility.

GoFundMe Campaign – Ultrasound

Why we need to “see inside”

California sea lions admitted to Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles frequently have injuries to the back of the throat, the esophagus, and the stomach when they become entangled in line or from eating things they should not eat.

Ultrasonography is an essential diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine that helps the veterinarian visualize soft tissue structures making pregnancy, soft tissue masses, abdominal fluid, foreign bodies, or enlarged organs easier to detect. It can also be used to assist in identifying the proper location for biopsies and for intravenous catheter placement. Currently we often just have to wait and see how the animal does because we have not had necessary diagnostic tools to make informed health care decisions, but that can change.

The SonoSite Edge II ultrasound machine is battery operated and designed to be portable, so it can go to where the animal is. It is also water resistant, an essential feature for our patients in a wet environment. Please help the Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles provide state of the art care with state of the art diagnostic equipment. Our patients deserve the best we can give them. [MMCC LA GoFundMe page]

Buy a Seal a Meal

Support our patients by providing a critical care meal for pups or a fish meal for adult seals and sea lions! [Support]

Healthy Patient – Back to the Ocean:  

Name the Release of a Healthy Seal or Sea Lion $5,000

Each year, we rehabilitate hundreds of seals and sea lions rescued from Los Angeles County beaches. When a healthy seal or lion is ready to be released back into the ocean, we invite you to attend the release and we provide photos or a video of the release. [Support]

Dependent Patient – To a New Home:

Name a Seal or Sea Lion Going to a New Home $10,000

Each year, two or three seals or sea lions can’t be returned to the ocean because they are blind or mobility impaired or were born in captivity.   We notify you when an animal will be placed in a permanent facility within the United States. You get to name the patient and be at MMCC Los Angeles when the seal or sea lion begins its trip to a new home.   We provide photos or video of the seal or sea lion while it lived with us. [Support]

Special Project – Hospital or Education:

Name a Project to Upgrade our Hospital or Education Program $10,000 — $100,000

We identify projects in your donation range to improve medical treatment, housing, filtration, staffing, food preparation and storage, and our visitor center.  We invite you to attend the unveiling of your project and we provide a video or photos that highlight the positive impact of your project. [Support]

Mobile Visitors Center Support – $1,000 –$20,000

Send our mobile visitors center to schools, festivals and events to provide education and reach new donors. [Support]


If you are auctioning an item, when you get to the “Choose a format and price” form, select “Or, select another nonprofit you love” and type in “MMCC LA” under Search by Keyword and select us as your online charity. Get more info here!

Cheers for Charity

Cheers for Charity is an offering a $19.99 bottle of MMCC Chardonnay. The label pictured below will appear on each bottle, and $5 of every bottle sold will be donated to MMCC for their operating costs. For more information, please visit!marine-mammal-care-center/c1tsr.

Kind Traveler

Travelers ‘give’ a $10 nightly donation to a local charity that positively impacts the neighborhood they are traveling to, or to a favorite charity on the platform. As reward for donating, travelers unlock an exclusive hotel offer to book directlywith curated hotels and unique properties. 100% of donations are given to charities. Learn more and book your trip here:

For more information, contact our development team:

Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles

3601 South Gaffey Street #8

San Pedro, California 90731

EIN: 47-5249182



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