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Symbolically adopt a patient and you can help thousands of other animals in need.

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Adoption Certificate
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Symbolically adopt a patient from the Marine Mammal Care Center through a generous donation. This gift will help provide the animals in our care with food and expert medical treatment until they can return to their ocean home. Marine Mammal Care Center’s Adopt a Pup program makes the perfect gift for loved ones, celebrations, and holidays!

Clyde is a Pacific harbor seal pup who was prematurely separated from his mother and extremely malnourished and dehydrated. He was found on a rock in Palos Verdes, with her mother nowhere to be found. Our Rescue team quickly and gently brought this few-week-old harbor seal pup to MMCC. Clyde was in critical condition and was given round-the-clock veterinary care. Our team tube-fed him, taught him how to eat whole fish, and then he learned how to hunt live fish. During his rehabilitation journey, Clyde bonded with another orphaned harbor seal pup, Bonnie. They were released together back into their ocean home!

King is a California sea lion pup who managed to climb up a ramp into a restaurant. He had fallen asleep by the stove, where it was warm. King was suffering from life-threatening malnourishment and hypothermia. When King arrived, he weighed only 31 pounds. Within six weeks, he more than tripled his weight! His speedy weight gain allowed him to join other sea lion pup patients in our larger pool enclosure for socialization, a crucial part of his development and preparation for release back into the wild. On release day, King made a beeline for the water at Cabrillo Beach as soon as his release crate door was opened.

Daisy is a northern fur seal pup who was found floating and twitching in Marina Del Rey. Our Rescue team swam out to rescue her and drove back to MMCC. Upon intake, we realized that Daisy only weighed 10 lbs and was severely malnourished. Daisy was a fighter, and over a few months, she gained weight and strength. Daisy was a small but mighty patient and was very vocal when it came to food and playing. Within six months of Daisy’s rehabilitation journey, two more fur seal pups came in, and they became a bonded trio. Together, they were released off the Channel Islands with Daisy being the first to jump in!

Lucky is a northern elephant seal pup who was stranded in Manhattan Beach. Lucky was extremely malnourished and separated from her mother prematurely. Luckily, a beachgoer found Lucky and called our Marine Mammal Hotline at 1-800-89-WHALE. Our Animal Care team jumped into action with Lucky and administered medication to treat her parasites, and began tube-feeding her since she could not eat on her own. After four months of shelter, 3+ meals a day, and veterinary care, Lucky was ready to return to her ocean home. On release day, Lucky moved slowly but surely in the waves.