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Marine Mammals Are Unexpected Victims of Wildfires

Firefighters may have gotten a handle on the Alisal Fire, but a few of its victims are still recovering from it. Some of the most unlikely victims...

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Sick Sea Lion Pup Found on Manhattan Beach Doorstep

A sick 6-month-old sea lion pup wandered across the sand and wound up at the doorstep of a home in Manhattan Beach. Some area residents who were...

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A Sea Lion Named ‘Freedom’ Released From San Pedro Into the Wild

Scars from his wounds were still visible when the sea lion named Freedom was sent back to his ocean home in San Pedro earlier this week. They will...

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Watch Two Rehabbed Sea Lion Pups Return to the Ocean in Palos Verdes

Two sea lion pups were overjoyed recently when their caretakers at the Marine Mammal Care Center set them free in the ocean near Terranea Resort.

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Boos and Barks: San Pedro’s Marine Mammal Care Center to Host Family-Friendly Halloween Event

What’s a cute, recovering sea lion got to do with Halloween? Plenty, as Marine Mammal Care Center rebrands itself as a Scare Center offering kids...

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Marine Mammal Care Center Reports Surge In Shark Bite Injuries and Deaths Among Seals and Sea Lions

The Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles, based in San Pedro, is reporting a surge in shark bites among seals and sea lions. It tallied six in...

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Marine Mammal Care Center Raises $1.2 Million Needed to Carry On

The Marine Mammal Care Center of Los Angeles, which in January sent out a plea that the sea lion rehab facility faced a dire financial emergency,...

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Seals and Sea Lions Find a Second Chance at Life in San Pedro

Tucked away off Gaffey Street in San Pedro, you can find a safe haven for dozens of seals and sea lions at Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles.

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Animal Hospital That Treats Seals and Sea Lions on Brink of Closure if $1M Isn’t Raised by June

A California animal hospital that rehabs marine animals is currently at risk of shutting down if it does not raise $1 million by June.