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Art Lab: Dolphin Painting

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ArtLab are free science and art workshops, brought to you by the Marine Mammal Care Center and Angels Gate Cultural Center.

Artist-Teacher Gloria Sanchez host a workshop to honor Native American Heritage Month! Artist-Teacher Gloria will guide participants in a dolphin painting workshop where your mammal friend will jump from sky to sea!

This workshop explores the importance of the dolphin relative to the Tongva Nation – the first people of our land.

“The dolphins symbolized their relationship to the sea, as the Tongva hunted fish for food and were skilled seafarers (Chambers). More generally, the dolphin circle symbolizes the spiritual connection that the Tongva felt towards animals. Jimi Castillo, a 62-year-old war veteran and Native American of mixed Tongva and Acjachemem ancestry, his excursion to Catalina Island to assist in the return of the buffalo that were transplanted there for a film in 1924:

On the way to the island we must have seen thousands upon thousands of dolphins, which are sacred to our people. We call them Torovim and refer to them as the ancient ones. We believe they speak our language, they’re part of our creation story. They were headed in the same direction, toward Pimu. On our way back from the island we saw them again and they were headed in the opposite direction, back towards the mainland. I believe that the dolphins opened up the pathway for these buffalo to cross the ocean. It was very emotional and touching to see all these things connected in this ceremony.”

*Castillo notes that the Tongva considered the dolphins sacred, which is evident in the creation story regarding them.

We can not wait to have you join us! All supplies will be provided and everyone is welcome.

ArtLab is back at the MMCC in-person! Please meet us in the classroom at MMCC before 1 PM to claim your reservation. Masks preferred, not required. All ages welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.