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Learn about marine mammals and conservation through videos on releases, speakers, conversations, lessons, and more.

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Sea Lion Release For World Oceans Day

Injured Sea Lion Gets Happy Ending

Elephant Seal Release

Rehabilitated Fur Seal Release

Elephant Seal Drone Release

Two Elephant Seals go Home

Two Elephant Seals Get Released

Sea Lion Pups Found on Doorsteps Get Released

Bjorn the Blind Sea Lion’s Debut in His Forever Home

Beneath The Surface Lecture series

Algal Blooms and Their Impact on our Oceans and Pinnipeds

Barataria Bay Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather, Climate, and Marine Mammals

Consilience in Action

Florida Manatees and Their Conservation

Wildlife Forensics, DNA, and Toxic Whales

Worldwide Contaminants in Marine Mammals

A Potential Future for The Critically Endangered Yangtze Finless Porpoise

Vanishing Vaquitas: Lessons From a Humble Porpoise

Southern Resident Killer Whale Aerial Photogrammetry

Sea Otter Rehabilitation and Conservation Research

All About Otters

The Dolphins of Sarasota Bay

Sea Otter Fur

Elephant Seal Population

Elephant Seal Pup Vocalization

Solutions For Saving Vaquita From Extinction

Small Cetacean Conservation

Research and Conservation of River Dolphins

careers in conservation interview series

Marcos Trinidad, Audubon Center

Tikiesha Wilson, Heal The Bay Aquarium

Inessa Chandra, USC Molecular and Computational Biology

Anika Bellent, Algalita

Luis Rodriguez, Tree People

Taylor Fox, City of RPV, & Michael Quill, LAWaterkeeper

Jules Léon, Jules of The Sea

Kelly DeWeese, USC Molecular and Computational Biology

Maddelyn Harden, USC Molecular and Computational Biology

Milena Acosta, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County